Discovering Harmony In Duality: 

A Deep Dive Into The

NEW Enneagram of Paradox

A Whole New Way To Deal With Anger, Fear, and Distress

...beneficial no matter your specific enneagram point, habits of mind, or emotion.

"If you haven't experienced the Enneagram of Paradox, yet - this is your opportunity

to understand and navigate duality like never before..."

Discover how embracing both your "strengths" and "weaknesses" can lead to a more balanced and fulfilling life. Learn to navigate the natural ebb and flow of virtues and vices in this complimentary workshop with Ragini Michaels & Robin Cameron.


-Being Perfect OVER being Flawed,

-Being Satisfied OVER having Longing,

-Being Moderate OVER being Indulgent?

The truth is, there are benefits for every vice and weaknesses for every virtue - but it takes conscious awareness to experience this truth.

Why is this conscious awareness important...?

Because it's our desire for ONE polarity over the other that causes our suffering.

"When we try to get rid of our vices permanently and hold onto our virtues permanently, we create immense suffering in our lives. Why? The law of impermanence means we 'flow' between vice and virtue in a never-ending cycle. The key is to understand and embrace the cycle - NOT FIGHT AGAINST IT."


  • Enhanced Self-Understanding: Discover your deeper self to navigate life with confidence.

  • Improved Relationships: Build stronger, empathetic relationships through deeper insights.

  • Increased Resilience: Stay centered and balanced amid life’s challenges.

  • Greater Life Satisfaction: Live more joyfully by embracing your true self.

  • Empowered Decision-Making: Make wise decisions from a place of emotional balance.

Register now for...

"Discovering Harmony In Duality: 

A Deep Dive Into The

NEW Enneagram of Paradox"

This is an interactive workshop - NOT just a webinar.

When: Monday, June 3rd

Where: Online via Zoom

Duration: 90 Minutes

What to Expect: Ragini Michaels and Robin Cameron will reveal:

  • Easy Pathway to Emotional Balance: Learn a new way to handle anger, fear, and distress with the innovative Enneagram of Paradox.

  • Deep Cognitive Reconditioning: Gain insights into why reprogramming your brain and re-educating your unconscious mind are crucial for fully embracing the practical wisdom of the Enneagram.

  • Blueprints for Joy and Serenity: Walk away with a new set of guidelines designed to enhance happiness and peace of mind.

  • Universal Relevance: Discover why these insights are beneficial, regardless of your specific Enneagram type, habitual mindsets, or emotional patterns.

  • Fresh Perspectives: Acquire a new viewpoint on life’s challenges, no matter your starting point.

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